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About Wing Chun Kung Fu


Wing Chun Kung Fu is a fast and effective self defence which is not reliant on brute strength. Wing Chun is good for relaxation, posture co-ordination, confidence and fitness. Everyone is capable of doing Wing Chun regardless of their fitness, body shape or size.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructors


Our friendly and dedicated instructors are passionate about Wing Chun. Over many years our talented instructors have invested hundreds, even thousands of hours into practicing and developing their Wing Chun skills.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Classes


We welcome new students of all levels of experience and ability. Whether you're just starting out or have trained in martial arts previously, come on in and join us for a free training session. We also have kids classes.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the most practical, effective and easy to learn forms of self defence in the world today

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    We are very pleased to finally unveil our new website.

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  • Sifu Greg is skillfull and low profile. He will teach you anything you need to know for self defense in wing chun. If you are in Newcastle, very reccommend to drop by here as you will not lost. Surrounded in friendly atmosphere, you'll get more friends and more skill. Success for NWCA..!!
    Jimmy Toge
  • Fantastic, have trained with Sifu since I was 15 then had to stop due to moving to a new town but am happily back to training and brought my nephews into the Wing Chun world. I trust Wing Chun and everything I have and am learning because it is based on real scientific structure.
    Ben Aspey
Calm and relax your mind. Forget about yourself and follow your opponents movement— Yip Man